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Dined at a great restaurant on your way down I-5 lately? Maybe you’ve grabbed a bite at a nice little diner. We would love to hear about it! Send your review to [email protected]. The I-5 Gourmet is dedicated to all those road warriors who have found or are looking for that perfect stop along America’s Interstate 5!

Fireside Cafe | I-5 Exit Guide

Fireside Cafe – Kalama, WA

I've driven by Kalama, Washington on I-5 literally hundreds of times, but never got off the exit. This time, just by chance I stopped to find a place to have lunch. I found Fireside...
Nancy Jo's Burgers and Fries - Woodburn, Oregon | I-5 Exit Guide

Nancy Jo’s Burgers And Fries – Woodburn, OR

Well, first of all I'm a burger lover. So when I saw a sign outside a restaurant that read "Voted Best Burger in Willamette Valley 10 Years in a Row", I was hooked. Nancy Jo's...
Hilltop Diner - Redding, California | I-5 Exit Guide

Hilltop Diner – Redding, CA

The Hilltop Diner is a cool local diner that captures the essence of classic American dining. I love traditional diner culture, and I must say, This place fits perfectly. This restaurant has a welcoming nostalgic...
Willow Ranch Restaurant - Buttonwillow, California | I-5 Exit Guide

Willow Ranch Restaurant – Buttonwillow, CA

Accidentally stumbled on a keeper... Willow Ranch Restaurant in Buttonwillow, California. I was traveling I-5 and stopped to get some gas. Tucked away in back of a Chevron station was a large "BBQ" sign......
Bee Gees Diner | I-5 Exit Guide

Bee Gees Diner – Rogue River, OR

We found the Bee Gees Diner restaurant quite by accident while traveling I-5. Got off in Rogue River (exit 48) around lunchtime with no particular restaurant in mind, except that we wanted to avoid...
Lumberjacks Restaurant | I-5 Exit Guide

Lumberjacks Restaurant – Stockton, CA

Lumberjacks looks to be a small regional chain of casual dining restaurants pushing a log cabin decor and doling out hearty plates of breakfast-to-dinner American food. We stopped at the Stockton, California location for a...
Country Cafe, Ridgefield, WA | I-5 Exit Guide

Country Cafe – Ridgefield, WA

Country Cafe is not your average I-5 exit restaurant. Breakfast is served all day and the portions are substantial. You must try the Huevos Rancheros (served with hashbrowns), that's my favorite! I noticed that...
Ram Restaurant | I-5 Exit Guide

Ram Restaurant and Brewhouse – Wilsonville, OR

Ram Restaurant and Brewhouse is a small chain of restaurants (about 20) located throughout the Northwest. This one in Wilsonville is a regular stop for us. We travel I-5 several times a month between Portland...