Washington Campgrounds and RV Parks

Washington campgrounds and RV parks located within 1/2 mile of an I-5 exit are listed below. Listing run north to south. Individual exits are listed with intersecting routes, cities and towns accessible from that exit. Exit numbers for Washington’s Interstate 5 are based on the mile marker system beginning at the Canadian border and ending at the Washington/Oregon border.

ExitExit DescriptionExit Services
 US/Canada Border 
276WA 548, Blaine 
275WA 543 (northbound exit only) 
274Peace Portal Drive (northbound exit only), Blaine 
270Birch Bay, Lynden
  • Lighthouse RV Park
266WA 548Nm Grandview Road, Custer
  • Birch Bay State Park
263Portal Way
  • AA RV Park
  • Cedars RV Park
262Main Street, Ferndale 
260Slater Road. Lummi Island 
258Bakerview Road
  • Bellingham RV Park
257Northwest Avenue 

256WA 539N, Meridian Street, Bellis Fair Mall Parkway (southbound exit only) 
256A/BWA 539N, Meridian Street, Bellis Fair Mall Parkway (northbound exit only) 
255WA 542E, Sunset Drive, Bellingham 
254Lowa Street, State Street, Bellingham 
253Lakeway Drive, Bellingham 
252Samish Way, Bellingham 
250WA 11S, Chuckanut Drive, Bellingham, Historic District 
246Lake Samish Drive
  • Lake Padden Terrace RV Park
242Nulle Road, South Lake Samish 
  • Whispering Firs RV Parking
236Bow Hill Road 
232Cook Road. Sedro-Woolley
  • KOA
231WA 11N, Chuckanut Drive 
230WA 20, Burlington, Anacortes 

229George Hopper Road
  • Burlington RV Park
  • Riverbend RV Park
227WA 538, College Way, Mt. Vernon
  • Burlington RV Park
  • Riverbend RV Park
226WA 536, Kincaid Street 
225Anderson Road
  • Mountain View RV Park
224WA 99 (northbound exit only) 
221WA 534, Pioneer Way, Conway, Lake McMurray
  • Blake’s RV Park
218Milltown Road, Starbird Road 
215300th Street NW 
212WA 532, Stanwood, Bryant, Camino Island 
210236th Street NE
  • Angle of the Winds Casino RV Park
208WA 530, Silvana, Arlington 
206WA 531, Lakewood 
202116th Street NE 
20088th Street NE, Quil Ceda Way 

199WA 528, Marysville, Tulalip 
198Port of Everett (southbound only) 
195Port of Everett, Marine View Drive (northbound exit only) 
194US 2, Everett Avenue 
193WA 529m Pacific Avenue (northbound exit only) 
192Broadway, Evergreen Way, City Center 
189WA 526, WA 527, Everett Mall Way, Everett 
186WA 96, 128th Street SW
  • Lakeside RV Park
  • Maple RV Park
  • Silver Lake RV Park
183164th Street SW 
182WA 525, Alderwood Mall Boulevard, I-405 South 
18144th Avenue W, WA 524, Lynnwood 
179220th Street SW, Mountlake Terrace 
178236th Street, Mountlake Terrace (northbound exit only) 
177WA 104, Edmonds 
176175th Street NE, Aurora Avenue, Shoreline 
175WA 523, 145th Avenue, 5th Avenue 
174130th Avenue, Roosevelt Way 

1731st Avenue NE, Northgate Way 
172North 85th Street, Aurora Avenue 
171WA 522, Lake City Way, Bothwll 
170Ravenna Avenue (northbound exit only) 
169NE 45th Street, NE 50th Street 
168BWA 520, Bellevue 
168ALakeview Boulevard, Downtown 
167Mercer Street, fairview Avenue, Seattle Center 
166Olive Way, Stewart Street 
165ASeneca Street, James Street (northbound exit only) 
165BUnion Street 
164B4th Avenue South, to Kingdome, Downtown 
164AI-90 East, Spokane, Downtown (exit to a limited access highway) 
1636th Avenue, Spokane Street, Columbia Way 
162Corson Avenue, Michigan Street (northbound exit only) 
161Swift Avenue, Albro Place 
158Pacific Highway, Marginal Way 
157MLK Way 

156WA 539m Interurban Avenue 
154BWA 518, Burien 
154AI-405, Bellevue (exit to a limited access highway) 
153South Center Parkway 
152South 188th Street, Orillia Road
  • Seattle/Tacoma KOA
151South 200th Street, Military Road 
149WA 516, to Kent, Des Moines 
147South 272nd Street
  • Seacoma RV Park
143South 320th Street, Federal Way 
142BWA 18, South 348th Street, Enchanted Parkway 
137WA 99, Fife, Milton 
136Port of Tacoma 
135Bay Streety, Puyallup
  • Riverview RV Park
134Portland Avenue 
133WA 7, I-705 
132WA 16, South 38th Street, Gig Harbor 
130South 56th Street, Tacoma Mall Boulevard 
129South 72nd Street, South 84th Street 
128South 72nd Street, South 84th Street 
127WA 512, South Tacoma Way, Puyallup, Mt. Ranier
  • Firwood Village RV Park
  • Holiday Park
  • Oaknoll RV Park

125to McChord AFB, Lakewood 
124Gravelly Lake Drive 
123Thorne Lane, Tillicum Lane 
122Camp Murray 
120Fort Lewis
  • Shoreline RV Park
  • Travel Camp
119DuPont Road, Steilacoom 
118Center Drive 
116Mounts Road, Old Nisqually 
114Nisqually, Old Nisqually 
111WA 510, Marvin Road, Yelm 
109Martin Way 
108Sleator-Kenny Road 
107Pacific Avenue 
105Port of Olympia, State Capitol, Olympia City Center 
104US 101, Aberdeen, Port Angeles 
103Deschutes Way, 2nd Avenue 
102Trosper Road, Black Lake 
101Turnwater Boulevard, Olympia Airport 
99WA 121, 93rd Avenue 
95WA 121, Littlerock, Maytown 
88US 12, Aberdeen, Tenino 
82Harrison Avenue, Factory Outlet Way 
81WA 507, Mellen Street 
79Chamber Way 
77WA 6, Pe Ell, Raymond 
7613th Street 
74Labree Road 
72Rush Road 

71WA 508, Onalaska, Napavine 
68US 12, Yakama, Morton 
63WA 505, Winlock, Toledo 
60Toledo Vader Road 
59WA 506, Vader, Ryderwood 
57Barnes Drive, Jackson Highway 
52Barnes Drive, Toutle Park Road 
49WA 411, WA 504, Castle Rock, Toutle 
48I-5 Business, Huntington Avenue, Castle Road 
46Headquarters Road 
42Sparks Drive, Pleasant Hill Road 
40WA 4, Keslo, Longview, Long Beach 
39WA 4, Allen Street, Kelso 
36WA 432, US 30, Longview, Long Beach, Kelso 
32Kalama River Road 
27Todd Road, Port of Kalama 
22Dike Access Road 
21WA 503, Woodland, Cougar 
16NW La Center Road, La Center 
14WA 501, Pioneer Street, Ridgefield 
11WA 502, 219th Street, Battleground 
9NE 179th Street, Clark County Fairgrounds 
7I-205, NE 134th Street, Salem 

7BNE 139th Street 
7ANE 134th Street 
5NE 99th Street 
4NE 78th Street 
3NE Highway 99, Main Street 
2WA 500, 39th Street 
1D4th Street, Plain Boulevard 
1CMill Plain Boulevard, WA 501, Vancouver City Center, Port of Vancouver 
1B6th Street, Vancouver City Center 
1AWA 14, Camas 
 Washington/Oregon Border