Advertise On The I-5 Exit Guide

We have partnered exclusively with Google to display advertising content on the I-5 Exit Guide through their “AdWords” feature.

With your Google AdWords account you can set up an advertising campaign that targets the I-5 Exit Guide. Through simple, relevant targeting, your campaign will quickly become highly effective… and regardless of your budget since you only pay for results.

If you don’t currently have a Google account, you can create one quickly. Just click here, select the “Start Now” tab and follow the directions.

In 5 steps, your campaign is online :

  1. Login to Google Adwords
  2. Create a campaign
    • If you already have existing Adwords campaigns, select the “Campaigns” tab on the homepage, then “New Campaign” in order to configure the settings for your campaign on the I-5 Exit Guide.
    • Otherwise, follow the instructions to create your first campaign.
  3. Select your campaign settings
    • Fill out the following information precisely.
      • Put I-5 Exit Guide for the “Campaign Name”.
      • Check that the “Locations and Languages” suggested are OK.
      • Go to “Networks and devices”. For Networks, select “Let me choose…”.
        Unselect “Google search”, and in “Display Network”, select “Specific reach”.
  4. Fill in the other information based on your criteria and hit “Save and Continue”.
    Fill out the rest of the information to create your ad. This includes the appearance of your ad on the I-5 Exit Guide.
    Follow the format of the example if necessary.
    If you have banners, you can add them via Image ad.
    You can also create one using the creation tool offered by Google.
    To publish your ad on our website, enter “” in the “Placements” box.
  5. Continue your campaign
    Continue and finish creating your campaign.
Your ad is now complete and will be visible on the I-5 Exit Guide website within a few hours!