Campgrounds and RV Parks | I-5 Exit Guide

California Campgrounds and RV Parks

California campgrounds and RV parks located within 1/2 mile of an I-5 exit are listed below. Listing run north to south. Individual exits are listed with intersecting routes, cities and towns accessible from that exit. Exit numbers for California’s Interstate 5 are based on the mile marker system beginning at the California/Oregon border and ending at the Mexican border.

ExitExit DescriptionExit Services
796Hilt Road
793Bailey Hill Road
790Hornbrook Highway, Ditch Creek Road
789A28, Hornbrook, Henly
  • Blue Heron RV Park
786CA 96, Klamath River Highway, Rest Area
776Yreka, Montague
  • Yreka RV Park
775Center Street, Central Yreka
773CA 3, Fort Jones, Etna
  • Trailer Haven RV Park
770Shamrock Road, Easy Street
766A12, Gazelle, Grenada
759Louie Road
753Weed Airport Road
751Stewart Springs Road, Edgewood
748US 97, Klamath Falls, Weed
  • Hi-Lo RV Park
747Central Weed
  • Hi-Lo RV Park
745South Weed Boulevard, Weed

743Summit Drive, Truck Village Drive
741Abrams Lake Road
  • Abrams Lake RV Park
740Mt. Shasta City (southbound exit only)
  • Mt. Shasta City KOA
738Central Mt. Shasta
  • Chateau Shasta Mobile Home Park
  • Lake Siskiyou RV Park
737Mt. Shasta City (northbound exit only)
736CA 89, McCloud, Reno
  • Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort
  • Lake Siskiyou campground
734Mott Road, Dunsmuir
732Dunsmuir Avenue, Siskiyou Avenue
730Central Dunsmuir
729Dunsmuir (northbound exit only)
728Crag View Drive, Dunsmuir, Railroad Park Road
  • Railroad RV Park
727Crag View Drive (northbound exit only)
726Soda Creek Road
  • Castle Creek Campground
  • Castle Crags State Park
723Sweetbriar Avenue
721Conant Road
720Flume Creek Road

718Sims Road
  • Sims Flat Campground
714Gibson Road
712Pollard Flat
  • Pollard Flat Campground
710Slate Creek Road, La Moine
707Delta Road, Dog Creek Road, Vollmers
704Riverview Road
  • Antlers RV Park and Campground
  • Lakehead Campground and RV Park
702Antlers Road, Lakeshore Drive, Lakehead
  • Antlers RV Park and Campground
  • Lakehead Campground and RV Park
  • Lakeshore East Campground
  • Lakeshore Villa RV Park
  • Shasta Lake RV Park
698Salt Creek Road, Gilman Road
  • Lake Shasta Pines RV Park and Campground
  • Nelson Point Campground
  • Oak Grove Campground
  • Salt Creek Resort and RV Park
  • Trail In RV Campground
  • Upper Salt Creek Campground
695Shasta Caverns Road, O”Brien
  • O’Brien Campground
  • Wintoon Campground
693Packers Bay Road (southbound exit only)

692Turntable Bay Road
690Bay Bridge Road
689Fawndale Road, Wonderland Boulevard
  • Fawndale RV Resort
  • Wonderland Mobile Home and RV Park
687Wonderland Boulevard, Mountain Gate
  • Mountain Gate RV Park
685CA 151, Shasta Dam Boulevard, Project City, Central Valley
684Pine Grove Avenue
682Oasis Road
681BCA 273, Market Street, Johnson Road, Central Redding (southbound exit only)
681ATwin View Boulevard
680CA 299E, Lake Boulevard
  • Premier RV Resorts
  • Redding RV Park
678CA 44, Eureka, Redding, Lassen National Park (exit to a limited access highway)
677Cypress Avenue, Hilltop Drive, Redding
  • Marina RV Park
675Bechelli Lane, Churn Creek RoadBonnyview Road,
  • Green Acres RV Park
673Knighton Road
  • JGW RV Park
  • Sacramento River RV Park
670Riverside Avenue
668North Street, Balls Ferry Road
667CA 273, Factory Outlet Boulevard

665Cottonwood (southbound off, northbound on only)
  • Alamo Motel and RV Park
664Gas Point Road, Balls Ferry Road
662Bowman Road, Cottonwood
661CHP Inspection Station (northbound only)
659Sunset Hills Drive, Auction Yard Road
  • Cottonwood Creek Ranch
657Auction Yard Road, Hooker Creek Road
653Jellys Ferry Road
652Wilcox Golf Road
651Red Bluff (northbound on, southbound off only)
650Adobe Road
649SR-36, SR-99, Chico, Lassen National Park, Red Bluff 

  • Durango RV Resort
647BDiamond Avenue, Red Bluff, (northbound on, southbound off only)
647ASouth Main Street, Red Bluff
642Proberta, Gerber, Flores Avenue
636Tehama, Los Molinos, Gyle Road
633Richfield, Finnell Avenue
631Corning, Corning Road
  • Heritage RV Park
630South Avenue
628Liberal Avenue, Roaf 99W
  • RV Park at Rolling Hills
621County Road 7

619SR-32, Orland, Chico
618County Road 16
614County Road 27
610Artois, County Road 33
607County Road 39
603SR-162, Willows, Oroville
601County Road 57
595Norman Road, Princeton, County Road 68
591Delevan Road
588Maxwell (northbound on, southbound off only)
586Maxwell Road
578SR-20, Colusa, Clear Lake
577Williams, County Road 20, E Street
575Husted Road
569Hahn Road
567Putnam Lateral
566College City, Arbuckle
559County Line Road
556Dunnigan, County Road 6
554County Road 8
  • Happy Time RV Park
553I-505 South, Winters, San Francisco
548Zamora, County Road 13
542Yolo, County Road 17
541SR-16, Woodland
540West Street, County Road 99
538SR-113 North, Yuba City
537SR-113 South, Davis, Main Street (southbound off, northbound on only)
536County Road 102
531County Road 22

528Airport Boulevard
525BSR-99 North, Yuba City, SR-70, Marysvilleexit to a limited access highway
525ADel Paso Road
524Arena Boulevard
522I-80, San Francisco, Renoexit to a limited access highway
521A/BGarden Highway, West El Camino Avenue
520Richards Boulevard
519BJ Street
519AQ Street
518US-50, Business Loop 80, SR-99, Fresno, Broadway, San Franciscoexit to a limited access highway
516Sutterville Road
515Fruitridge Road, Seamas Avenue
51443rd Avenue
513Florin Road
512Pocket Road, Meadowview Road, Freeport
510Cosumnes River Boulevard
508Laguna Boulevard
506Elk Grove Boulevard
504Hood-Franklin Road
498Twin Cities Road
493Walnut Grove Road
490Peltier Road
487Turner Road
485SR-12, Lodi, Fairfield
  • Flag City RV Resort
481Eight Mile Road
478Hammer Lane
477Benjamin Holt Road

476March Lane
474BAlpine Avenue, Country Club Boulevard (northbound off, southbound on only)
474AMonte Diablo
473Pershing Avenue
472SR-4, Downtown Stockton, Fresno Avenue(Exit to a limited Access Highway)
471SR-4, Charter Way, MLK Boulevard
470Eighth Street
469Downing Avenue
468French Camp Turnpike
467BMathews Road
465Roth Road
463Lathrop Road
462Louise Avenue
461SR-120 East, Manteca, Senora(Exit to a limited Access Highway)
460Manthey Road, Mossdale Road
458BI-205 West(Exit to a limited Access Highway)
458A11th Street (Old Highway 50)
457Kassons Road
452SR-33 South, Vernalas
449BSR-132 West, San Francisco
449ASR-132 East, Modesto
446I-580 West, Tracy, San Francisco(Exit to a limited Access Highway)
441Ingram Creek, Howard Road
434Diablo Grande Parkway, Sperry Avenue
  • Kit Fox RV Park
428Fink Road
423Stuhr Road
418SR-140 East, Gustine, Merced
407SR-33, Santa Nella, Kilroy, Gustine
403BSR-152 West, Monterey, Hollister, Gilroy, San Jose
403ASR-152 East, Los Banos, SR-33 South

391SR-165 North, Mercy Springs Road
385Nees Avenue
379Shields Avenue
372Russell Avenue
368Panoche Road
365Manning Avenue
357Camm Avenue
349Derrick Avenue, SR-33 North
337SR-33 South, SR-145 North
334SR-198, Lemoore, Hanford
325Jayne Avenue
  • Sommerville Almond Tree RV Park
319SR-269, Lassen Avenue
309SR-41, Kettleman City, Paso Robles
305Utica Avenue
288Twisselman Road
278SR-46, Lost Hills, Wasco
  • Lost Hills RV Park
268Lerdo Highway
263Buttonwillow, McKittrick
2627th Standard Road
257SR-58, Bakersfield, Buttonwillow, McKittrick
253Stockdale Highway
246SR-43, Taft, Maricopa
244SR-119, Pumpkin Center, Lamont
239SR-223, Bear Mountain Boulevard
234Old River Road
228Copus Road
225SR-166, Mettler, Maricopa
221SR-99 North
219A/BLaval Road