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Lumberjacks Restaurant – Stockton, CA

Lumberjacks looks to be a small regional chain of casual dining restaurants pushing a log cabin decor and doling out hearty plates of breakfast-to-dinner American food.

We stopped at the Stockton, California location for a bite to eat around lunchtime. What we found is true to their description.. the portions are indeed large, the service is friendly and the food is outstanding.

I was fairly hungry, my eyes were bigger than my stomach, so I ordered the “One Pound Redwood Burger”. It was very good, but I just couldn’t finish it. My wife ordered “The Axe”, loved it, but couldn’t finish it. That’s no reflection on the quality of the food… it was just too much to handle.

The place was fairly busy at lunchtime, but according to the regulars, it can be downright crowded during prime time. Our service was quick and the check was reasonable.

If we ever come across one of the other Lumberjack locations in Northern California, we’ll definitely give them a try.


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