I-5 Gas Prices Falling But Remain Higher Than Rest of Country


Gas Prices | I-95 Exit GuideI-5 gas prices are dropping, but still remain higher than most around the country.

Washington state is reporting averages around $2.30 a gallon for regular unleaded along I-5, with the lowest prices reporting to be in Vancouver ($2.20 a gallon).

The average price per gallon along I-5 in Oregon is $2.20, with the lowest prices reporting to be in Cottage Grove ($2.14 a gallon). California prices along I-5 are averaging about $2.50 a gallon, with the lowest prices reporting to be in Yreka ($2.35 a gallon)

Listed below are the average posted gas prices as of Friday, January 23, 2015 for unleaded regular gas at selected I-5 exit cities.

Bellingham, WA : $2.25/gal Yreka, CA : $2.35/gal
Mount Vernon, WA : $2.28/gal Weed, CA : $2.73/gal
Everett, WA : $2.36/gal Redding, CA : $2.46/gal
Lynnwood, WA : $2.38/gal Red Bluff, CA : $2.47/gal
Seattle, WA : $2.29/gal Orland, CA : $2.33/gal
Tacoma, WA : $2.31/gal Williams, CA : $2.43/gal
Olympia, WA : $2.30/gal Sacramento, CA : $2.44/gal
Centralia, WA : $2.34/gal Stockton, CA : $2.39/gal
Castle Rock, WA : $2.23/gal Tracy, CA : $2.49/gal
Ridgefield, WA : $2.28/gal Los Banos, CA : $2.53/gal
Vancouver, WA : $2.20/gal Coalinga, CA : $2.69/gal
Portland, OR : $2.19/gal Kettleman City, CA : $2.60/gal
Salem, OR : $2.19/gal Bakersfield, CA : $2.72/gal
Albany, OR : $2.17/gal Valencia, CA : $2.55/gal
Eugene, OR : $2.21/gal Glendale, CA : $2.52/gal
Cottage Grove, OR : $2.14/gal Los Angeles, CA : $2.53/gal
Sutherlin, OR : $2.24/gal Anaheim, CA : $2.48/gal
Roseburg, OR : $2.20/gal Santa Ana, CA : $2.56/gal
Myrtle Creek, OR : $2.13/gal Irvine, CA : $2.57/gal
Grants Pass, OR : $2.20/gal San Clemente, CA : $2.47/gal
Medford, OR : $2.26/gal Carlsbad, CA : $2.54/gal
Ashland, OR : $2.32/gal San Diego, CA : $2.46/gal

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