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Long Term Closures for I-5 Construction in California  

I-5 Exit Guide
Member Admin

The Claifornia Department of Transportation reports the following long term closures associated with the construction project on I-5 between Mt. Shasta and Dunsmuir.

The Dunsmuir Grade Project will repave with concrete a stretch of Interstate 5 beginning north of Mott Rd and ending just north of Lassen Lane, for approximately 5 miles. This is a complex project and one that requires diverting traffic.

Critical construction is taking place from Monday, July 9th through the end of August 2018, and for that purpose, the following traffic conditions are in place:

  • Dunsmuir to Mt. Shasta - Northbound traffic is reduced to one lane from just south of SR 89 to just north of Lassen Lane, and the lane adjacent to the median is closed.
  • Mt. Shasta to Dunsmuir - Southbound traffic has been switched via a crossover to the closed lane adjacent to the median.
  • Traffic from SR 89 going North may proceed to I-5 North via the onramp. This access is open.
  • Traffic from SR 89 going South please note the ramp is closed. To access I-5 South motorists may first proceed to I-5 North via the onramp, take the Lake St. Exit and then return to I-5 South.
  • Concurrently with the above traffic conditions, crews will be dismantling sections of Interstate 5 southbound.

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Posted : July 11, 2018 9:01 am

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