New Website Offers Unique Content for Your Next Interstate Road Trip


Road Trop | HighwayPal.comPlanning your next road trip just got a little easier… and a lot more fun. HighwayPal, a new website devoted specifically to Interstate highway travel was recently launched and is already proving it’s worth a look. is a desktop and mobile website that combines research, planning, booking and navigation into one easy to use road trip planner. The website is powered by and affiliated with some of the most popular travel sites on the Internet and features content that will make getting there, just as much fun as where you’re going.

Plan you trip and then hit the road with Pick a route and then explore. Who says America’s Interstate highways have to be boring? HighwayPal details the best road food, outlet malls, theme parks, campgrounds, attractions and destinations along the way. RoadNews keeps you alert to construction, lane closures and traffic-related delays. What’s more, HighwayPal has partnered with to offer highway travelers some of the best hotel bargains on the planet.

Bottom line… hits the bull’s eye… It’s got exactly what you need to make your next road trip smarted, safer and more fun!

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