Great Overnight Stops

What makes a great overnite stop? Consider this… you’ve traveled all day, you’re tired, hungry, the kids are wired… you get the picture. What you really need right about then is that perfect overnite stop… an exit where you feel safe and comfortable… an exit with a good mix of accommodations and a variety of eating places… not just fast food. And, maybe a little shopping later before you get back to the motel. The next morning you can gas up nearby and head out. Everything you need conveniently located right off the exit! That’s a great overnite stop!

Redding, California – Halfway Between Seattle and Los Angeles
Seattle to Los Angeles via Interstate 5 is approximately 1,135 miles, or just under 17 hours of driving. That’s a substantial roadtrip. Not all of us can do that kind of mileage non-stop. Making the trip in two days gets you there comfortably and with much more energy to savor the destination…